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"Acupuncture is an art, the practitioner and patient are nothing less than the most creative painter, a strong canvas, and an immaculately beautiful palette of colors; the finale of which can be breathtaking"

Acupuncture sessions are gentle, renewing, pain-free, and very diverse in nature. The practitioner is merely a 'translator' for the patient's mind and body in order to allow the patient to heal themselves.  Taking root over 5000 years ago in various countries of Asia and Europe, acupuncture is a globally practiced art. It is the use of very thin and sterile needles over specific diagnostic points on the body in order to balance mind and body.

Thinking of the body as a highway, the roads (aka circulatory/energetic/nervous system vessels) can become 'blocked' and or 'stagnated' as during times of intense traffic (aka stress/trauma/over-thinking...etc) or become deficient and in need of repair (aka aging, abusing, lack of sleep, worrying...etc) over time. Acupuncturists find those imbalances and repair them in order for you to have the smoothest life 'drive' possible.

 Our licensed and board-certified practitioner utilizes various diagnostics tests to determine specialized acupuncture points to create the best and most customized treatment for each patient. Needles are gently inserted to balance the body from the inside out, communicating with both the nervous system, blood vessels of the circulatory system, and energetic pathways. The patient rests for 15-45 minutes per session as the body finds it balance, after which the needles are removed and the session is complete. 

Treatments do continue internally after leaving our office, so please drink plenty of water, rest throughout the day, and avoid stressful/highly physical and/or mental activities. They are also a Therapy, which means just as going to the gym or eating well- done once may provide benefit- but the more you do and closer together, the best and most balanced you become.

Used to treat: physical pain (back, neck, joint, trauma), emotional issues, stress, sleep, digestive disorders, cold/flu, boost immunity, assist aging, facial rejuvenation, arthritis, eye/ear/throat issues, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, mental restlessness, anxiety, scar issues, and many more

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Cupping is a therapy which uses suction within cups to 'open' muscle tissue and energetic pathways of the body, thus promoting circulation, relieving pain, and detoxing the body and mind.  At Clinic Vida we use traditional Fire Cupping, which is a safe and painfree way to increase the interstitial space between muscle tissue using glass cups over various areas of the body, thus helping to relieve pain and stress, renew, and heal the body.

Used to treat: Muscle tension, stress of muscular/skeletal/emotional systems, back/shoulder/neck pain, sciatica, spine tensions, fatigue, anxiety, sleep issues, soften scar tissue

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Moxabustion is the burning of the herb Artemisia Vulgaris (common name: Mugwort) both over the skin and on acupuncture needles. The properties of the herb are moving and warming, which promoted circulation throughout the body as well as increases the function of acupuncture points. This therapy can be very calming and help balance and warm the body. 

Used to treat: Digestive disorders (i.e. Crohn's, IBS, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, ...etc), emotional disturbances, infertility, menstrual issues, joint pain, low back pain, fatigue, stress, scar issues

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine spans back thousands of years and through many cultures. Natural remedies are made via dried and/or fresh herbs carefully selected and researched by our licensed and national board-certified herbalist in order to create a customized formula that is ingested and/or used topically. 

Used to treat: Digestion issues, sleep imbalances, stress, pain throughout the body, allergies, weight-loss, hormonal shifts, fertility, menopause, fatigue, eye/ear/throat disorders, chemotherapy side-effects, joint issues, headaches/migraines, anxiety, dry skin/eyes/mouth, and more.


Homeopathic medicine is a dilution of a natural remedy carefully diagnosed and customized to each patient. The remedies are more energetic in nature and thus are safe for all ages, have minimal side effects, and no drug interactions. They are safe, researched, and gentle in their treatment. 

Used to treat: Wide variety of disorders, especially the more complicated and diverse in nature. 

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